2018AAIFT Shenzhen Exhibition Perfect Collection

Published:2018-3-8 Posted by:yzg@yongzhigao.com

The shenzhen fair attracts exhibitors from all over the country every year. Famous in GPS video navigation industry of shenzhen chigo electronics co., LTD., also dressed up to attend this exhibition, show ever chigo for everybody has a unique creative and profound brand strength, in order to further develop the domestic market to lay a solid foundation.

Yongzhigao is invited to attend the exhibition again, and carries the key products of the exhibition. The exhibition also demonstrates the determination and drive of yongzhigao to vigorously develop and cultivate the domestic market.

In the Yongzhigao booth, high-end cars ray casas exclusive private mould machine has attracted the attention of customers, have come forward to operation, consultation and understanding, showing great interest and identification of permanent chigo products.

Yongzhigao company has a strong independent research and development team and excellent manufacturing capacity, relying on advanced technology to develop into the domestic car audio and video navigation industry innovation brand. This spring fair, is a volunteer to show themselves to the domestic market for a good platform to make more customers to realize auto market after the audio navigation industry and a reliable manufacturer, supplier, at the same time, this exhibition will also helpYongzhigao in the domestic market for further development.