The car's vertical navigation

Published:2018-3-19 Posted

 "Now the car navigation has a horizontal screen and a vertical screen. What kind of screen experience would be better? Many people would ask. His choice, then, is neither horizontal nor vertical.

First of all, from the general framework, it lies in the spatial sense of human vision. Ordinary everyone playing mobile phone, answer the phone, ebooks, navigation maps, stereo sense is strong, visual enjoy comfortable: for landscape, in most of the time, people drive visual focus mostly located in the car, and is smooth inspect state. Any action to see or operate a screen requires moving your eyes from the outside, which makes the speech painful and distracting. Except for watching movies, people seldom use it. With the visual portrait series navigator, he breaks with the traditional visual habits of the user.

From the perspective of consumption, vertical screen design is a kind of promotion for interior decoration, and the operation is more technical, and the consumer is more acceptable. In 2018, there will be a rush hour for vertical screen car navigation. All kinds of accessories should be considered.