After-sales service
1.Service aims:
Service first, customer first, quality assurance, benign development.
2. Service purpose.
Market competition is increasingly fierce, consumer quality is improving day by day, after-sales service as the second window of the customer facing the customer, its importance is more and more outstanding.In order to improve the after-sales service, enhance the operation efficiency, promote the brand image, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the users, and safeguard the common interests of the company and the dealers, the system is specially formulated.All dealers and maintenance service personnel are required to observe consciously and strictly implement.
3.Service principle.
Three months replacement, one year warranty.The specific service principle according to the random warranty card, the implementation of the warranty service;Production shutdown, elimination, special price, processor and other written documents such as company notice to execute time standard.
4. Warranty principle.
1. Warranty conditions: the user shall be in normal use within one year from the date of the purchase of the machine.
2. Warranty:
1) the machine will not charge any fee during the warranty period (this promise is only for the failure of normal use, excluding software program);
2) in the warranty period, the service personnel shall charge the cost of repairing materials.
3) machines without official purchase vouchers can be repaired according to the airframe production date (the cost of maintenance materials is charged);
4) if the warranty machine has failed again within three months, the warranty card can enjoy free maintenance. 
5) the machine does not belong to the warranty scope, only the maintenance, no warranty and the cost of materials and maintenance.
5. Warranty scope.
3. Products with quality problems must reach a certain quantity (4 or more) and return to our company. Yongzhigao will return within 7 working days upon receipt of the returned goods.
6. Check the inventory and confirm procedures of the products.
1.The Marketing Department to arrange pick up the goods, after being notified DiHuoRen shall carefully check the number, check whether there is any damage on outer packing, if there is any breakage broken packages should be with the shipping company, please check the list check missing aircraft or in the accessories;
2. When the goods arrive at the company, the company shall be counted by the after-sales service department, and check the quantity with the dealer timely. If the goods are damaged or lost, the goods shall be claimed by the shipping company, and the dealer shall make the claim.